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BioBall – Caged Biological Urinal Block

The BioBall is a biological block that contains billions of friendly bacteria, which includes several different enzymes, surfactants and a detergent.  The BioBall is activated when a small amount of liquid is passed over it, this can either be water or urine.  Upon activation the enzymes are carried into the drain and fragrance is released into the air. The enzymes will then break down all fats, oils and greases, uric salt, lime scale, and anything organic or bio.  Once the drains are clean the surfactants in the BioBall will then coat the inside of the drains to ensure that nothing can easily adhere to the pipes. 


Therefore you will no longer have blocked drains, or the cost of clearing those drains.  By reducing the build-up in drains any unpleasant smells in the washroom are reduced, and with the fresh minty fragrance of the BioBall there is no specific need for any additional air fresheners.


BioBall is at its most efficient when used in the correct way so we recommend that BioBall is used with a suitable water management system such as the ES10 Flushmaster PIR Water manager or the ES50 / ES51 Easy Flush timed water manager and suitable cleaning products to compliment the friendly bacteria within the BioBall.


Benefits of the BioBall


1.    Massive water savings
The BioBall does not require high amounts of flushing water, It is activated by urine passing over the BioBall and therefore you can reduce the amount of water consumed. For the BioBall to work effectively and efficiently it is recommended that it is used in conjunction with a very low flush water management system.  Water can be saved by turning down the water management system to as little as 1 – 4 flushes per day, saving both water and energy in a building.  In some properties you may be able to save further water and energy by using the BioBall in a “waterless” mode which means you can turn off the water supply completely. BioBall often provides a more sustainable alternative to other waterless devices by offering greater performance and lower costs.


2.    Reduction in urinal maintenance
Pipe work blockages are often caused by excess build-up of lime scale and uric salt within the drains with BioBall the unique and powerful block will produce billions of friendly bacteria to colonise in the drain and naturally disrupt the processes that cause scale build up within urinal drains. With BioBall in the washroom, the result is simple: clean and clear pipe-work.


3. CO2 Reduction
Saving water means saving Co
2. For every cubic metre of water saved, saves 0.4kg of Co2. By reducing the amount of flushing water to a urinal can save around 53kg of Co2 a year.


4. Eliminates odours

BioBall doesn’t just mask the problem of persistent bad odours… actually fixes them! A key reason why a washroom environment is considered unpleasant is the foul Odour from and around Urinals.  BioBall has an inbuilt fragrance that is released every time water or urine is passed over the BioBall system. Foul odour most often emits from the build-up of harmful bacteria that harbours and multiplies in the lime scale and uric salt.  Odour is produced when urine is absorbed by the lime scale and uric salt deposits. The BioBall will consume lime scale and uric salts and sludge which in turn will eliminate the foul odours. By using the BioBall system the build-up of the troublesome lime scale is reduced by reducing flushing water.


5. Easy Handling
No COSHH implications as there are no hazardous chemicals involved whatsoever and BioBall is non- carcinogenic. As a result janitorial staff will find the daily cleaning process faster and safer with BioBall.  Bio Ball is also “REACH” ready and compliant.


6. Low Install Costs
Implementation of the BioBall is immediate and normally requires no urinal or trough modifications. Simply install a BioBall per urinal and the process starts working immediately.


7. Low Cost Channel Blocks v BioBall

If companies are already using channel blocks why do they need to change to BioBall ? 

1. Channel Blocks normally only last 2-4 days and BioBall lasts approximately 2 – 4 weeks

2. Channel Blocks disintegrate and leave sludge in the bottom of the urinal and drains actually causing blockages themselves. BioBall slowly releases its active ingredients through the cage, with no risk of disintegration.

3. Most low cost Channel Blocks are often classed as carcinogenic….. BioBall has around 30 billion active enzymes is PH neutral and will eliminate the nasty bacteria in the urinal bowl and drains without risk to the environment.


BioBall Leaflet

Biological Multi-Purpose Washroom Cleaner


The Multi-Purpose Cleaner has similar enzymes to that of the BioBall. It helps reduce any calcium, uric salts and lime scale that accumulates on the bowl which harbours the urine and creates the smells.  It is also recommended for the area surrounding the urinal to reduce the lime scale and uric salts that may build up in these areas such as tiled splash backs and floors which can be just as much of the cause of foul odours as the drains.


By using the Multi-Purpose Cleaner it negates the need for any other cleaning agents and complements the unique cleaning action of the BioBall where as harsh chemicals such as bleach will kill off the friendly bacteria in our products which we want to colonise the drains to keep working away.


Dilute with water 1:50 = 15 ml in a 750 ml trigger spray.
For mop buckets dilute with water 1:150 = 30 ml in a bucket.
Yields 66 x 750 ml triggers.



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