Washroom Efficiency Services


Washroom Efficiency Services is a QMS ISO 2009 : 2015 certified design and manufacturing company located in Torbay. We manufacture our own urinal and washroom products taking them from conceptual design to finished products which are available on-line in our virtual shop, this has lead us into offering a complete turnkey service from design to distribution for other clients as WES Products


As Washroom Efficiency Services we specialise in the manufacture and distribution of water management systems and biological cleaning technologies for urinals and washrooms.


Due to our products having a high potency level of enzymes and active ingredients the problems that are encountered in washrooms such as foul odours and blocked drains are generally overcome quickly as our system eliminates the problems that allow odours to develop, it helps keep the drains clean and clear and above all offers the customer an eco-friendly, hygienically clean, sustainable pleasant washroom environment while reducing their utility and energy costs, this is achieved by reducing the flushing of the urinals with our water managers and using BioBall and its support products to actively produce billions of friendly bacteria that will start the colonisation of the drains to eliminate the lime scale & uric sludge/salt build up which cause the odours and blockages.



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