Flushmaster PIR Urinal Flush Controller Mains Powered (Inc. Batt) – *No Valve

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The Flushmaster will require a latching valve to attach to the pipework if there is not one already in place.


   A complete set of  the  WES10-M – Flushmaster Mains Powered & VALVE is available here.


The Flushmaster features:


● Darkness sleep mode.
● Alarms for low battery and faulty valve.
● Adjustable janitor flushing.
● Flush counter for water audit.
● Passive Infrared sensor technology.
● Potential for client branding.
● User friendly set up with internal LCD display menu or factory default settings.


The Flushmaster is a Urinal Flush Management system designed to prevent water being wasted through continuously flushing urinals.

One Unmanaged 9L cistern when left to continually fill and flush can use up to 864 litres of water a day.
The Flushmaster uses a PIR motion sensor to detect the activity near the urinals, this then triggers a delay and flush cycle saving you money by reducing your water consumption.





WES10-M-NV Flushmaster Mains Powered Technical Sheet


WES10-M-NV – Flushmaster Mains Powered Instructions


Battery Powered Flushmaster Available Here


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