BioBall Caged Biological Detergent Block For Urinals – Pack of 12

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Every time the urinal is used or flushed fluid passes over the BioBall and erodes a small amount of friendly bacterium into the drain.
The bacterium then replicates itself while it devours foul odour causing bad bacterium and softens the hard uric scale deposits ensuring the drain remains serviceable and hygienic.
The flushing water assists the bacterium to move down the drain consuming more waste as it goes.
The BioBall has no installation costs as it is simply placed directly into the urinal bowl. The flushing rate can then be significantly reduced with a water manager and adjusted to your needs saving water and money.
Our Multi Purpose Cleaner is used to spray the urinal bowl and surrounding areas daily during normal washroom cleaning.
This not only cleans and fragrances without using harsh chemicals it also tops up the friendly bacterium and allows them to work in and around the urinal as well as the drains.

State: Waxy solid
Colour: Blue/Teal
Odour: Fresh minty aroma


Main purposes:

  • Removes uric salts and reduces lime scale that accumulates in the urinal and troughs
  • Reduce drain Blockages
  • Fragrance


Health & Safety

Precautions: Gloves recommended, Wash hands thoroughly after use


PH: 8


  • No dilution
  • Moisture activated on flushing / urination

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  • Replace BioBall when the block has dissolved.
  • Let the product work on its own to clean and perfume the urinals at every flush.
  • Store in a cool, dry area.
  • Do not store in metallic containers.
  • Avoid contact with strong acid or alkali compounds.
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