Biological Multi-Purpose Washroom Cleaner 750ml Trigger

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State: Liquid
Colour: Green/blue
Odour: Citrus


Main purposes:

  • Removes lime scale and uric salts that accumulate on surfaces with its biological ingredients.
  • Cleans
  • Reduce bad smells
  • Hygienically cleans all glass and tile surfaces
  • Fragrances


Health & Safety

Precautions: Gloves recommended, Safety glasses recommended, Wash hands after use


PH: 7


  •  Trigger bottle contains required dose of biological liquid, top up the trigger with  clean tepid tap water.
  • Shake bottle well

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Biological Multi-Purpose Washroom Cleaner 750ml Trigger Spray.
Product Code: WES21.30
This product is an Environmentally Friendly pH Neutral biological cleaner which cleans & removes smells by digesting the odour causing organic matter & converting them back to nature & can be used with biological blocks such as the Bioball & biological urinal sleeves.
It is recommended for use in washrooms for urinals, sanitary wear, tiles, sinks, floors & any washable hard surfaces.
Top up trigger spray with water & shake bottle well.

Spray area, wipe clean & spray again without rinsing away to allow the product to continue working & eroding organic matter & smells.

Refer to SDS 21.3 Before Use
Use Gloved Hands When Handling Product
Do Not Ingest Or Swallow
Avoid Contact With Eyes
Avoid Prolonged Contact With Skin
If Irritation Occurs Seek Medical Advice
Test Polished surfaces Before Use
Store out of reach of children.
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Tel: 01803 521415

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750ml Trigger, 1L Concentrate*, Super Concentrate**